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"To be away from home and yet to feel at home everywhere; to see the world, to be at the centre of the world, and yet to remain hidden from the world". If you want to look great you don't require a flashy object.

A scarf is a piece of fabric, an item of clothing that goes with you everywhere. It changes according to your mood, your purposes or just with the weather. It may change but nevertheless it will always be itself.

We want to accompany you on your adventures with this feeling. You can do everything always being yourself.


Tessitura Lancioni was born in the Seventies of the past century as a textile factory. It has developed inside the manufacturing district of Prato trusting in its workers' competence.

At the beginning of the Noughties we became a commercial enterprise to take the opportunity caused by globalization. We have profusely given our creative energies to realize this project.

With passion and sacrifice, not losing sight of the features of Made in Italy, we have managed to achieve an identity that we try to instill in everything we do.

From passion and innovation, respecting the features of Made in Italy, Lancioni 1973 is born.


Tessitura Lancioni If you are looking for high quality and continuous research in fabrics you are looking for Lancioni 1973. You can try the lightness of innovative materials, like modal fabric, or abandon yourself to the agreeable sensation of silk, or surround yourself with the soft warmth of pure cashmere. It depends on how you are feeling when you wake up, the day you have ahead, if you want to be militant or to be meditative. We promise you that every item you'll buy is the result of long research and all productions are made only in Italy, respecting the original Made in Italy.